Worn for thousands of years and known for its majestic design, elegance, and fluidity, the Abaya lends itself perfectly to intricate embroidery techniques, appliqué work, and embellishment with crystals from Swarovski.

Seven fashion forward abaya creations made with Swarovski crystals and inspired by current trends, were featured in captivating images.

The section 'DESIGNS' highlights this traditional garment in an everyday context. From working at the office to taking selfies with friends in new and exciting destinations, and afternoon coffee to glamorous nights out, crystal is an ingredient guaranteed to bring a touch of magic and sparkle to everyday life. One abaya features the subtle use of opal crystal colors and pastel pearl-finish beads. Other designs feature contemporary repeat crystal patterns. Comfortable and draped elegant shapes with chunky crystal details merge jewelry elements and textiles.

'EXTRAORDINARY SPARKLE' features two additional images highlighting the magnificence of crystal embellishment.