Introducing Xero, the world’s smallest crystal

Having been the originator of so many market firsts, Swarovski has done it again with a revolutionary innovation so tiny that it is barely the size of a pen tip. It is, in fact, the smallest crystal in the world today, weighing in at a mere 0.3 mg—20 per cent smaller than the next smallest crystal on today’s market.

Developed in close association with industries such as the wristwatch sector, XERO’s microscopic size offers a wealth of creative possibilities. Its elegant, airy sparkle fills even the most minuscule areas on intricate jewelry pieces. It can also produce a micro-pavé effect, giving an all-over encrusted effect. Used together with other sizes of crystal, it creates optical effects that have 3D appeal. Complicated logos and words with complex detailing are also easily embellished using the new XERO crystal cut.

With such a microscopic crystal, the right tools are key to handling. New packaging with micro-chambers has been developed for this purpose. A new lower viscosity glue with a longer pot life permits the dispensing of infinitesimal doses of glue, and a Chaton Sieve with the tiniest imaginable cavities places XERO crystals in the correct position for application. Precision-cut micro-magic from Swarovski.