Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017


The Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl, Twister Fancy Stone, and Dragonfly Pavé Pendant are three of the new lightweight designs, whose graceful elegance mirrors this launch’s theme “Air”. They take inspiration from the new longing for balance, freedom and weightlessness that has captivated modern society.


With the growing influence of virtual reality, the call for natural authenticity and purity has become increasingly louder. Swarovski responds with strong, authentic, and traditional motifs, toned-down colors, and nature-inspired designs that reflect the “Earth” element, including the Scarab Bead, the Tiger Pavé Pendant, Contour Flat Back, and the new Graphite shade.


As homage to the “Water” element, the most powerful of all life forces, Swarovski presents a breathtaking range of designs depicting water and the phenomena it creates – from the sleek Raindrop Pendant to the mysterious Radiolarian Pendant and Sea Urchin Round Stone, both designed by humanitarian and environmentalist Céline Cousteau.


Passion, sensuality, personal strength – these are the qualities that the “Fire” element represents. This season’s innovations, the Flame Flat Back, Panther Bead, and Yellow Opal, draw on this strong symbolism, depicting flames, sizzling color combinations, and fiery creatures.