Swarovski crystals offer a multitude of furniture design opportunities—a claim backed up by the impressive pieces created by many distinguished designers and brands. Be it cupboards, beds, chairs, or shelves, or kitchen, contract and upholstered furniture, the inspirational results speak for themselves.



Swarovski participates in a range of ongoing creative partnerships that serve as inspiration for the next generation of talent, as well as a catalyst for established designers. One glittering example is the Edra Diamond Collection of contemporary sofas and armchairs. In 2001, Italian furniture company, Edra, discovered the creative possibilities of crystal with its iconic Flap Diamond Sofa by Francesco Binfaré. It has since extended its collection to add five new crystallized products: Damier, Getsuen, Tatlin, Sushi, and On the Rocks. Edra describes crystals by Swarovski as offering “the incorruptible brilliance of the stars.”

The union between the clarity of design and the brilliance of crystals has inaugurated a new chapter in aesthetics. Objects are dressed with light, acquiring a fairy-tale dimension. Contemporary sofas and armchairs, overlaid with crystals, bring a dreamy quality to contemporary living.
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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is proud of its long tradition of collaborating with the cream of the international design world and, also, its track record for nurturing exciting new talent. These enduring partnerships are drawn from a wide range of industrial sectors and areas of business; they find expression in groundbreaking creative projects, which we proudly exhibit at the world’s most influential and important trade fairs. The platforms listed below represent a glittering testament to this rich, creative cooperation, and are a tribute to the technical mastery and creative vision of the designers concerned.

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