The watch and electronics industry has a need for especially dedicated and sophisticated products.



Swarovski’s assortment of crystals offers a shade of red, Dark Siam, which is ideal for use in this business segment. Many other articles in the product range, like the Mini Fancy Stones (Mini Pear, Mini Blossom and Mini Heart), are also ideal for creating individual watch designs and for use on other electronic devices.

Dark Siam is a deep red color that is particularly suitable for the watch/electronics industry; it also conforms to RoHS, which makes it unique on the market. Shades such as Dark Siam stand for warmth, closeness, energy and passion, and give a feeling of coziness and intimacy. Even room temperatures feel warmer in rooms decorated in dark red tones.

The Swarovski assortment offers Dark Siamin especially useful small sizes across three different product groups: Chatons, Flat Backs, and Fancy Stones.

The following inspiring pieces incorporate crystal elements in Dark Siam combined with other articles from the Swarovski product range. They are excellent examples of how this new color can be integrated into designs.


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is proud of its long tradition of collaborating with the cream of the international design world and, also, its track record for nurturing exciting new talent. These enduring partnerships are drawn from a wide range of industrial sectors and areas of business; they find expression in groundbreaking creative projects, which we proudly exhibit at the world’s most influential and important trade fairs. The platforms listed below represent a glittering testament to this rich, creative cooperation, and are a tribute to the technical mastery and creative vision of the designers concerned.

Important fairs and events


8-15 March, 2012
Basel, Switzerland