Eyewear is now a major fashion item. In fact, it offers an added opportunity to express personal style by matching different frames with different outfits. So it is that Swarovski crystals are now important and versatile ingredients in eyewear design, whether classic or avant-garde. Used as accents or even as all-over embellishment, they are equally applicable to most base materials, from acetate and metal to wood and leather.



Crystals from Swarovski puts the sizzle into A-morir eyewear by Kerin Rose

Her collaborations with Swarovski are not for the faint-hearted. But for the A-listers who clamor for Kerin Rose’s designs and the fashionistas who know how to rock them, hers is a totally original approach to eyewear.

Elegantly edgy, glamorously gothic and wildly rock ‘n’ roll, to say that her glasses are highly visible is an understatement. Since launching her label, A-morir, in 2008 with four handmade, classic frames smothered in crystals, Rose has raised the drama factor several notches with sculptural, fantasy eyewear handcrafted from extraordinary materials. Nothing is off-limits – along with 24-karat gold crystals, lace, pearls and feathers she uses tar, bone, lethal-looking metal spikes and in-your-face studs.

Her work is meticulously handcrafted, dazzling perfection. Of her obsession with glitter, she says: “I could say ‘Swarovski’ almost before I could walk”. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Tyra Banks, Snoop Dogg and Debbie Harry are but a few examples of the legions of celebrities who wear her glasses.
Now, entirely new avenues are opening for her: as of summer 2012, Kerin Rose will be the face of the avant-garde styling brand, Sebastian Professional, with A-morir the perfect match for their fearless trendsetting.

In photographer Emir Eralp’s photo-shoot for Sebastian Professional, it’s actually Kerin Rose herself in front of the camera.

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