Crystal Collection Help

Scroll to zoom:

You can easily zoom into the collection of crystals by scrolling with your mouse or track pad, as you would normally do to scroll down a page. This will allow you to get a closer look at the crystals.

The scroll bar:

Use the scroll bar on the left side of the screen to zoom in and out of the crystal collection. Once you have zoomed into the canvas you can click and drag your mouse across the crystal collection to look at all the different crystals.

The crystals:

Simply click on one of the crystals to find out more about it. An overlay will open, which gives you an exact product description, colors and sizes. Share the selected crystal on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ through the social media buttons at the top of the overlay.

Image and 3D-view:

In the overlay you can choose between looking at the image of the crystal or looking at the 360° 3D-rotation of the crystal to see it from all angles. Simply change your view through the buttons at the top left corner of the overlay.