Innovations in Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks

Sparkle of the Month: May | Jun 2013

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ luxurious Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks have evolved for 2013. Both are extremely popular for use in accessories, textiles, and jewelry, offering Hotfix and other glue capabilities to be applied to virtually any surface, plus providing sparkling effects ranging from high glam and avant garde to subtle and romantic. However, exciting innovations in Crystal Rocks have served not only to improve its appearance and function in several key areas, but those of Crystal Fine Rocks, too.

Crystal Rocks has been redesigned with a sleeker surface and smoother edges, offering a range of stunning new application possibilities. Not only do bags, shoes, and interiors benefit from its unique, shimmering effects, but clothing and fabrics of all weights—from silks and light cottons, to denim and the latest on-trend tweeds—can now achieve even greater levels of enhancement, softness, and suppleness through its smoother profile and through also being washable. This is a textile revolution.

Double-pointed chatons give the also washable Crystal Fine Rocks a refined structure, with smaller crystals resulting in an altogether lighter, more flexible product. This is of particular advantage when used in jewelry applications, as the reduced thickness allows for a shallower depth of cavity, plus its wonderful lightness and flexibility make it ideal for use on delicate textiles. Available in an array of glamorous designs, the new washable Crystal Fine Rocks is set to become a star component in the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS assortment.

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