Compliancy matters - Future proof products from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Laws, norms and regulations for consumer products become stricter and stricter and suppliers and brands in diverse industries like jewelry, electronics, packaging or textile are faced with the challenge to transparently manage their entire supply chain to ensure that their final product is compliant with ever stricter regulations.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, innovation leader in the field of loose crystals and forward integrated crystal products, sets the highest quality standards in the market. It is the company’s philosophy to not only react on tighter basic conditions, but to proactively anticipate these and provide the most advanced and future-proof products to our customers.

… is another shining example of Swarovski’s ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainable development and social responsibility.
… with its pioneering crystal formula sets new standards in the industry and complies to current major laws and regulations restricting the use of certain substances in products like jewelry, packaging or children’s products, including the following: CPSIA, ROHS and OEKOTEX
…has been granted a patent in the US and in 16 European countries.
…allows us to provide our customers specific certificates required by authorities that help to make their supply chain more transparent and safe.

And of course all Spring/Summer 2013 innovations are fulfilling the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard.

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