SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS - Designers' choice since 1895

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystals
manufactured by Swarovski. The designers’ choice since the founding
of the company in 1895, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, provides creative
talents from the world of fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design
and lighting with the latest on-trend innovations.

Available in myriad colors, effects, shapes and sizes,
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration.
Born out of passion for detail and high-precision cutting, they impart
refined glamour to everything they embellish.

These precious ingredients can be recognized through the
“MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” label, which serves
as a certificate of authenticity. It marks products that are
made with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

“I use it also for the haute couture, and I must say that certain dresses came about thanks to the crystals…” Jean Paul Gaultier

Designers’ choice since 1895 

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS celebrates crystal's creative versatility with spectacular one-off events

As the appeal of crystal broadens, designers explore new expressions of creativity in all these spheres and more. To celebrate the unlimited uses to which crystal is put, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has launched exciting, one-off initiatives to the delight of audiences worldwide. Among these are the ”22 Ways to Say Black" exhibition, the “Wedding” project and “SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at Work”, bringing together some of the most exciting personalities in design to display unique creations, all glittering with crystal.

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Certificate Of Authenticity

Certificate of authenticity

To emphasize the premium nature of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS brand, selected designers and brands are permitted to use the distinctive, trapezoid-shaped “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” label. It serves as a certificate of authenticity, denoting products that are made with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Swarovski also offers branding partners additional first-class services, including trend consultancy and technical expertise.

Gorgeous, refined and functional, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are the preferred choice for major designers around the world. In their hands, crystal comes alive to give works of startling beauty and originality.